Listing Process & Requirements

The process, required information, and guidelines that need to be followed for each collection to list on Trove.
In order to ease the onboarding for collections interested in being listing on Trove, all collections will need to follow a standardized framework and process. Rather than reinvent the wheel, we will be leveraging best practices and standards followed by the majority of NFT marketplaces.

Architectural Requirements

As you build and design your collections, please ensure that you abide by:
For more details, see Metadata Support.

Listing Process

The below outlines the high-level process for listing on the Trove marketplace in ETH. The timeline from start to finish is estimated at 1-2 weeks prior to the selection of a launch date as part of a cohort-based launch and is contingent on the volume of submissions.
  1. 1.
    Submit application via the Partnership Submission Form
  2. 2.
    Review by the Trove Council
  3. 3.
    Decision made to provide feedback and/or implementation
To list on Trove in $MAGIC, please see the Ecosystem Integration Framework as this follows a different process.

Required Information

Once a collection has been accepted into a cohort to launch on Trove, the following details are required:
  • Logistical Details:
    • Requested launch timing
    • Contacts (Discord IDs)
  • Collection Details:
    • Collection Name
    • Collection Description
    • Requested Collection URL Slug
    • Banner Image (1400x400 as a .jpg)
    • Thumbnail image (600x600 as a .jpg)
    • Links (if applicable):
      • Discord
      • Twitter
      • Website
      • Instagram
      • Game
      • Treasure Tools
    • Testnet Contract
    • Production Contract
    • Royalty Fee (between 0-20%)
    • Address for Royalties
    • Related Collections
    • Main Project Name (i.e. to group related collections together)

Delisting Framework

For details regarding parameters that may result in a collection being delisted, please visit Delisting Framework.

Permissionless / Open Listing Model

At launch and for a period of time after, Trove will continue to be a curated marketplace but is set to become fully permissionless at a future date.