Delisting Framework

As a curated marketplace to start, Trove reserves the right to delist collections and items in accordance with its policies.

General Guidelines

As we recognize that norms and community expectations are continuously changing, it is important that Trove will maintain strict guidelines for both collections and items to preserve the safety and standing of the marketplace.
A collection or item may be delisted on Trove if it is determined to:
  • infringe on protected intellectual property,
  • promote suicide or self-harm,
  • incite hate or violence against others,
  • degrade or dox another individual,
  • or be a blatant copy of existing projects (excluding derivatives or extensions)
As Trove makes the eventual move to an open listings model and permissionless structure, this will necessitate changes to how we operate. As a result, we will ensure that we continue to listen to our community, be guided by our evolving business strategy, and adjust these guidelines accordingly.

Treasure Cartridge Delisting

Beyond the general guidelines, we are working on a second delisting framework that will be applicable to cartridges that are deeply integrated with Treasure and are denominated in $MAGIC. Once an initial draft is completed, it will be shared with all existing partners for discussion and approval.