Gamification: Levelling Up the Collector’s Experience

The current NFT marketplace landscape is transactional and presents an opportunity to introduce delight.
Trove aims to bring a new flavour to the sea of NFT marketplaces out there by marrying gamification with function that will offer both collections and collectors alike a unique and delightful experience that has never been attempted before.

A New Home for Collectors

Identity, passion, and the tribalism that results from collecting and owning NFTs is a key component to why many of us operate and remain within this space. Historically, NFT marketplaces have played a very transactional and even boring role in this act of facilitating the purchasing, selling, and trading of NFTs to help users and collectors amass their “treasure trove” of collectibles. With Trove being a part of the broader Treasure ecosystem, this presents an opportunity to create a new home for collectors that could be interconnected with other worlds.
We are deeply inspired by “Game Central Station” from the movie “Wreck-It Ralph” as we work to design and build the marketplace and accompanying pseudo game world that is Trove. While our marketplace has been built and designed to seamlessly transact with and allow collections and their NFTs shine, Trove will also serve as a bridge to bring collectors together and convene within a single nexus to express themselves through their NFTs, achievements, and reputation.

Awarding Active and Upstanding Participants

User Levels and Experience

Trove will implement a user levelling and experience system to function as a proxy for the amount of activity individual users have with the marketplace. Users with higher levels are planned to unlock different features and greater levels of customization for their inventory, including but not limited to profile or site personalization, cosmetics, and more.

Badge and Achievement System

In the same way “Steam” provides infrastructure to power achievements for games on the platform to award participation within their respective games, Treasure plans to implement a interoperable badge and achievement system that will be made available through Trove. The inputs to this system will be provided by Trove itself as well as the integrated game cartridges that are part of the Treasure ecosystem. This infrastructure will offer a rewarding experience for users participating in each game or metaverse. Ultimately, this all points back to a single place - Trove.