Key Facts

Does Trove support cross-chain NFTs?

No, not yet. Trove currently only supports NFTs that exist only on either Arbitrum (L2) or Ethereum Mainnet (L1).

Does Trove support multiple chains?

Yes. Trove currently supports Arbitrum (L2) and Ethereum Mainnet (L1). Trove’s backend has been architected with the long view in mind to be extensible and potentially support additional chains and networks in the future.

Does Trove have an open or permissionless listing model?

No, Trove does NOT support an open or permissionless listing model. We do have plans to introduce this at some point in the future though.

Does Trove support lazy minting?

Definition: Lazy minting is when an NFT is available ‘off-chain’ or outside the blockchain and is only minted after an NFT sale.
No. Lazy minting is NOT currently supported.

Collecting & Trading

Does Trove support offers / bidding?


How are royalties structured on Trove?

  • 2.5% to DAO treasury
  • 0-20% set by the collection owner

For Collections

Can I set or update my collection’s royalties manually?

No. If you need to set or update your collection’s royalties, please contact the Trove team.

Are collections with free or paid mints eligible to be listed on Trove?

Yes, collections with free or paid mint models will be eligible for listing.